Once Upon A Sleeve

My mom invented the first Sleepy Sleeve because my grandmother, who was in a nursing home, was always cold. When the hospice nurses saw it, they were amazed at how simple yet effective it was!

I was working as a hospice chaplain at the time and quickly recognized that the Sleepy Sleeve had incredible potential to help a lot of people.

This is a family business and everyone has pitched in! my mom, dad, husband, sister and other family members have all been there with encouragement, feedback and financial support. Our sons have contributed photography and design input.

So from our family to yours, we wish you warmth and joy! 



If you would like to read more of our story, check it out here.



Our family in 2011

(our family in 2011)

  • Ever wish you had an easier way of keeping a loved one warm and snug?
  • Are you on medications that leave you shivering when everyone else is sweating?
  • Tired of being so wrapped up in blankets that you can't walk around or use your arms?
  • Sleepy Sleeve, a simply spectacular new way to be warm, will change all that!
  • In fact, it has been proven more than once that once you put it on, you won't want to take it off!

A small hospital in Michigan ordered Sleepy Sleeves to loan to their patients. A year later, they were back for more, because the patients liked them so much that they took all the "loaners" home with them!

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You or someone you care about will be really happy that you did!

sister and mother
my sister our mom and me