Bookworm Sleeve

BOOKWORM SLEEVE -- The Shortest Distance Between Chilly and Toasty!

Read one customer's evaluation:

 "Why the Sleeve outperforms the Snuggie"

Why do I want a Bookworm Sleeve?

Wearing your Bookworm Sleeve will be like lounging in front of a crackling fireplace on a stormy night.

You will feel delightfully focused and relaxed at work even when the air conditioning tries to turn you into an popsicle.

You won't have to wrestle with a parka at the movies, on the plane or in a restaurant ever again.

Writing a term paper in your dorm room when your roommate is a polar bear? No problem!

This brand new, marvelously simple Bookworm Sleeve is the perfect blend of practicality and awesomeness!

Like a fleece shrug, it softly hugs you from your shoulders all the way down to the ends of your fingertips.

Or you can fold the cuffs back out of your way, making it incredibly versatile.

More warmth where you need it. Less bulk where you don't!

Bookworm Sleeves come in:
neutral solids school colors prints tie-dye pastels

Grab yours HERE and be the envy of all your
"always cold" friends!

A Bookworm Sleeve is: (8 reasons to have one)

  • elegantly simple
  • light and easy to bring along "just in case"
  • energy saving--you can turn the heat down
  • creative and innovative
  • attention grabbing
  • did I say brand new?
  • economical--you will use it for years
  • destined to become your favorite wrap

What size do I want ?

Real Men wear Bookworm Sleeves!

Bookworm Sleeves come in 7 sizes, including sizes for children and youth. (Not intended for children's sleepwear)

  • The long cuffs can keep the fingers warm, or can be rolled back during daily activities.
  • If made with neutral colors, it can be worn at the office or in the classroom.
  • And of course it is still great for a chilly bedtime mystery marathon or a late night study session.
  • However you use it, one thing is for sure: you will be warmer!