What is a Sleepy Sleeve®?

sage and sand Sleepy Sleeve

An innovative, amazingly simple solution to a common caregiver problem: keeping the patient warm.

  • Are you a caregiver?
  • Is your elderly or bed-bound loved one often chilly?
  • Are you tired of struggling to tuck a sweater or bed jacket down behind your favorite patient?
  • Fed up with slippery blankets and shawls?
  • Sleepy Sleeve® will simplify your life!

True story: "I gave a Sleeve to a hospice patient and he loved it so much he wore it 24/7 and would not take it off to be laundered. He was afraid he might not get it back! I took him another one so he could trade off. You should have seen the smile on his face!"

Sleepy Sleeves keep the shoulders and arms warm!

What is a Bookworm Sleeve?

A delightfully versatile and portable chill-chaser for home, work or play.

Who needs a Bookworm Sleeve?

  • Bookworms, of course!
  • Your favorite couch potato
  • Dorm students
  • Children and teens
  • Travelers who get cold on planes
  • Office workers who freeze in the A/C
  • Anyone who is always cold!

A Bookworm Sleeve fits snugly for comfort and has
tapered sleeves for practicality.