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Here is my entry to a request for a photo and paragraph that captures the soul of my small business. You will have to reduce your page size to read it all since it doesn't scroll. You can see thumbnails of all the entries here.

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It is our goal to be a zero-landfill operation, so we are always looking for ways to creatively use our scraps.

Some have gone into crocheted rugs and the rugs have been sold to benefit a local school.

Scraps have been sold by the pound to crafters, and some are being donated to the Gillingham Charter School in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, as well as to a family here in our area who make blankets for homeless shelters.

If you have any good ideas, we would love to hear them!

"For the one who has everything...
give them something
they can really use.
The Gift of Warmth!"