Hospice Patients are More Comfortable:

"As a hospice nurse, one of my most important goals is to provide comfort to my patients. In so many ways this can be very challenging. I can provide medicine for pain or symptom relief. I can talk gently and reassuringly to the patient and the families. I can provide personal care and assistance. But, how do I offer physical warmth? We provided "Sleepy Sleeves" to a frail, elderly patient who was bedbound and resided in a long term care facility. He was so appreciative because he was able to sit up in bed without the frustration of his covers sliding down. The extra warmth across his shoulders relieved the "draft" he always felt. It made his stay in a nursing home more tolerable and everyone involved in his care benefited from the "Sleepy Sleeves". We as caregivers felt fulfilled and the patient was content and comfortable."

Carolyn Blackburn,  RN, CHPN


Flu Symptoms Were More Bearable:

"Have been sick for 5 days. Want to give a shoutout to Linda McCabe and her Bookworm Sleeve-- perfect garment when you're freezing one minute and boiling the next--so cozy and warm when needed but so easy to take off without getting out of bed or spending an extra ounce of energy.Thanks, Linda!"

Ruth Woolcock M.D. from Indiana, PA



For the Work-at-Home Professional:

"I love my Bookworm Sleeve. Now on cool evenings when I curl up with my laptop, I'm comfy!"

Sheree Parris Nudd,  FAHP


Alzheimers Patients:

"I received my 2 sleeves and one is for my dad with Alzheimers and the other was to be a gift. NO WAY!!! I am keeping it for myself. They are wonderful."

S. Brown, Lebanon, PA


New Mothers Need Sleeves:

"My wife received her sleeve today...PERFECT FIT!!! Keeps her warm when she has to feed our baby at 3am :-) She is sooo happy. Thank you!"

A. Clark from PA


Power Outage in Pennsylvania from the Great "Snowtober Storm" of 2011:

"I just wanted to let you know we survived our 4+ days of power outage much more comfortably with our Bookworm sleeves!! With an afghan over our legs, Bookworm Sleeves on our arms, we were toasty warm, without the constant tugging to keep the afghan from falling off of our shoulders! And reading in bed was comfy cozy! Thanks!"

Tina Ruf from Reading, PA


What to Give This Year:

"I just received the pink elephants sleeve that I ordered for my daughter for Christmas. It's absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait until she sees it on Christmas morning! Thank you so much!! (Post-Christmas update) "She loves it!! She shows it to everyone when they come to visit!"

BT from PA


Comments from here and there:

"Whoever came up with these Sleeves had to be a genius!"

 "I love this innovation!"

 "I've got TWO and love them! Great for sitting in bed and reading a book."