Need A Hint On How To Choose A Size?

What size t-shirt would you order if you wanted it to be not too baggy and not too tight? That is the size Sleeve you want!


Sleepy Sleeve is a must have for a joint replacement patient

SLEEPY SLEEVE® -- loosely fitted with floppy sleeves

(for the person who stays in bed or seated most of the time)

Small,  Medium/Large,  XL/XXL  --- $39.99

If you have special sizing needs, Email me and I will do my best to help.

Bookworm Sleeve keeps you cozy as you relax

BOOKWORM SLEEVE -- snugly fitted with tapered sleeves

(for the more active person who may be walking around while wearing it)

Child.  Youth  --- $37.99  ( CAUTION: not intended for use as sleepwear for children)

Small,  Medium,  Large,  XL,  XXL  --- $39.99