Sleepy Sleeve

SLEEPY SLEEVE -- "Feel the Warmth to Share the Warmth!"

Your purchase helps us donate Sleepy Sleeves® to hospice.

Cold isolates.

Huddling under a blanket may keep you warm, but it also limits your interaction with the world around you.

It’s hard to be creative or social when you are cold.

Good things come from warm--seeds germinate, birds migrate. When you are warm and your hands are free, creativity awakens, ideas flow.


14 Advantages of a Sleepy Sleeve

  • Does not bunch up behind you in bed
  • Comfortable enough to sleep in
  • Roomy fit makes it possible to put it on even if your joints are stiff
  • Made of high quality, plush, double layer polar fleece
  • Easier to put on than a sweater or bed jacket
  • Puts the warmth right where you need it; your arms, neck and shoulders
  • Loose enough for taking your blood pressure and other procedures
  • Can help protect against skin tears
  • Short in back, so often stays clean even if the bed does not
  • Cuffs can cover your hands for warmth or fold back out of the way
  • Can be put on and will stay on even if the patient is not awake or aware
  • Machine washable and easy care
  • Sewn in the USA
  • Available in three sizes: S, M/L, XL/XXL (What size should I order?)

9 People Who Need A Sleepy Sleeve

  • Your bed-bound or house-bound family member
  • Loved ones on hospice or home care
  • Chemotherapy, radiation and dialysis patients
  • post surgical patients who need extra warmth
  • New moms and nursing mothers
  • Joint replacement patients
  • Long term care residents
  • Those with a chronic illness
  • Anyone with limited mobility or poor circulation


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